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Hi, I'm Nino, and I originally built oxity just for myself.

I've been taking book notes for years and I struggled for a long time to collate and organise them in a coherent manner.

At first, I used physical notecards, like the authors Ryan Holiday and Robert Greene, however this quickly became tedious.
If I wanted to write a blog post on the train, for instance, I'd have to take all of the notes with me. Yeah, not very practical...

Then there was the issue of physical threat from theft, fire, or some other damage. The stress was too much.

I then tried a plethora of note-taking apps, from OneNote, Evernote (which I'm a huge fan of and use every single day), and everything in between.

They're great apps for general note-taking, but they all fell short when it came to book notes and being able to leep track of chapters, page numbers, authors, and the ability to generate references.

Finally, after enduring so much pain, I built this app. I never intended to release it into the world, however, whenever friends and colleagues would hear about it they all wanted in. So, here we are.